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Repair ‘n’ Care of Your Harmonica to Save Money

By Joe Feeney ~ An average harmonica can cost you about $40 or less, while a good quality instrument may cost $100 or more – not a lot these days for the ability to produce a great sound. But modifying your harmonica, or getting it repaired (for example, replacing rusty reeds), can add significantly to that figure. So why [&hellip... Continue Reading »

John Popper Killin’ It With the Blues Traveler

By JP Allen ~ One of the greatest jam-bands to ever walk the planet? See what you think, check out harmonica virtuoso in action, John Popper, with his band Blues Traveler, back in ’95 Tracklist : 00:00 – But Anyway 06:18 – Crash Burn / Hook 14:23 – Mulling It Over 22:21 – Escaping 34:12 – Stand 42:13 – [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Portrait of a Legend – William Clarke

By JP Allen ~ Born in 1951 in Inglewood, California, William Clarke was heir to Chicago’s legacy of amplified blues harmonica. As a youngster, he played guitar and drums. He loved rock and roll but the blues standards on some of the early Rolling Stones album inspired him to take up harmonica in 1967. A dedicated student of George [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Blues Riff Lesson With Bending & Vibrato

By Eric Noden ~ Here’s a cool blues riff that will get you working on the 4 draw bend. The 4 draw bend is a very soulful sounding note and is found in a lot of classic blues songs. This riff in this lesson also includes some throat vibrato and basic chording. You’ll need to know how to play [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Women Power Plays on Harmonica

By Joe Feeney ~ If the music world is made up of mighty pillars of harmonica kings, it is equally graced by women who, in one way or another, have made harmonica playing their lifelong successful career. Here are few of the women harmonica players who have made a success and earned a justified reputation in the music business. [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Knee Slappin’ Irish Jig on Harmonica

By JP Allen ~ There’s nothin’ like an upbeat Irish tune to get your feet leaping out from under you. I love the emotion and love of life this style of music evokes … always puts me in a great mood. Brendan Power and friends&#... Continue Reading »

7 Terrific Harmonica Covers

By JP Allen ~ 7 popular songs, re-imagined on the harmonca. Terrific! 1. Ace of Spades (Motorhead) 2. Someone Like You (Adele) 3. Redemption Song (Bob Marley) 4. Shape of My Heart (Sting) 5. Billie Jean (Michael Jackson) 6. Hallelujah (Jeff Buckley) 7. Isn’t She Lovely (Stevie Wonder) P.S. Want to learn some popular songs on harmonica too? Check [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Harmonica Meets Sax: Full Saxomonica Blues Album

By JP Allen ~ What happens when harmonica meets saxophone? Saxomonica! And we love it, check out this full blues album from Mark Maxwell (sax) and Paul Micheal Meredith (harp), awesome: Tracklist : Track 1 – Wang Dang Doodle – 00:03 Track 2 – Lickity Split – 04:23 Track 3 – I Need Your Lovin – 07:43 Track 4 [&hellip... Continue Reading »

10 Classic Songs That Rock The Harmonica

By JP Allen ~ What are your favorite songs that rock the harmonica? Leave a comment below 🙂 Here are some of our favorites… 10. Led Zeppilin – Bring It On Home 9. Neil Young – Heart of Gold 8. Rolling Stones – Midnight Rambler 7. Stevie Wonder – For Once In My Life (Harmonica solo at around 2 [&hellip... Continue Reading »