10 Types of Harmonica Players (Which Are You?)

By Alex Paclin

Written by Alex Paclin on . Posted in Blog: Harmonica Articles

Do you know a harmonica player with a funny or distinctive style? Check out this video and see if there’s somebody you recognize.😉

There are 10 types of harmonica players here, including the ones who are crazy on effects, shedding on the harmonica, using a “woo” sound like Sonny Terry or just play harmonica and piano at the same time.

The 10 Types:

1. Chromatic Man
2. Effects Guy
3. “I Can Play Fast” Guy
4. True Bluesman
5. Cheater
6. Loud Noob
7. Sonny Terry
8. Harmonica Teacher
9. Shredder
10. Howard Levy (sitting at a piano)

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