Hard Rock Harmonica, Will Wilde Does Sabbath

By JP Allen

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Will Wilde’s tribute to Sabbath can be seen in his latest video of his cover of ‘The Wizard’ from his much-anticipated new album, ‘Bring It On Home’, released on March 9th 2018. Check it out…

Performance notes: For The Wizard, Will used a Seydel 1847 in the key of D (standard Richter tuning) in second position. The harp rig is a Shaker Retro-Rocket mic through a Marshall amp with some delay and reverb.

‘Bring It On Home’ is a covers album: a passionate tribute to British and Irish blues-rock legends: “It’s my way of repaying the originators of British rock: bands like Free, Deep Purple and Led Zeppelin,” as Will put it himself.

Will explains “I wanted to pay tribute to the mighty Black Sabbath with this cover. The Wizard is arguably the heaviest rock song of all time to feature harmonica as a lead instrument. It sums up the ethos behind my new album.”

This album was produced and mixed by Will’s bandmate and virtuoso guitarist, Danny Giles.

For more information visit Will’s website at https://www.willharmonicawilde.com and find out why Thomas Ruf (of Ruf Records) called this man ‘The Hendrix of the Harmonica’.

Track listing:

Bad Penny — Rory Gallagher
Lazy — Deep Purple
I’m Your Witchdoctor -—John Mayall
Locomotive Breath — Jethro Tull
Love That Burns — Fleetwood Mac
Politician — Cream
The Wizard — Black Sabbath
Yer Blues — The Beatles
My Brother Jake — Free
Bring it on Home — Sonny Boy Williamson/Led Zeppelin
Parisienne Walkways — Gary Moore/Phil Lynott

A Little More About Will Wilde

Wilde takes the harmonica and touches it like Midas, transforming it from its customary bluesy niche into a full-on rock powerhouse. In his skilful hands, the now not-so-humble instrument becomes a diamond-hard, razor-edged lead that knocks the guitar off its pedestal and steals the limelight.

Wilde first picked up his first harmonica at 16, at a house party. “I basically nicked it,” he admits, “It was a cheap plastic thing, just lying about amongst the drink bottles and cigarette butts, but I was drawn to it.”

At first, his music was steeped in Chicago Blues: “I used to play along to old Muddy Waters’ records for hours at a time,” Will recalls, “Sometimes, I played so much my lips bled.” However, mastering his craft, he wanted to push the instrument to its limits. “I wanted to know everything it could do; every sound it could make. After a while, it became an extension of me.”

As an extension of Will Wilde, the harmonica became a lead instrument for blues-rock and hard rock as he developed his own, more aggressive style. Wilde has gone the extra mile and created his own signature harmonica tunings, so he can play licks that simply weren’t possible before. These can be heard on the tracks “Lazy” “Yer Blues”, “Politician” and “Locomotive Breath” . “The Wilde tunings help me take things to the next level,” Will explains, “I can hold my own with any rock guitarist.”

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