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Elvis Presley “Blue Christmas” Harmonica Cover (With Tabs)

By Alex Paclin ~ Check out this cover on a Christmas classic! Recommendation. If you gonna play it, use blue 3rd – a note between major third (-3) and minor third (-3′) to get a bluesy flavour 🙂 Tongue-blocking is also welcomed. Elvis Presley – Blue Christmas A harmonica, key of E, 2nd pos. Verse 1 -1 -2 -3″ -3    -3 [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Rolling Stones “Living In A Ghost Town” Harmonica Cover (With Tabs)

By Alex Paclin ~ The first original Rolling Stones song in eight years, the band originally cut “Living In A Ghost Town” in a Los Angeles studio back in 2019. When the coronavirus pandemic started spreading worldwide, Jagger and Richards thought the song would resonate. The four group members fine-tuned the track in isolation and released it on April 23, 2020. [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Learn William Clarke’s Top 3 Songs on Harmonica

By Alex Paclin ~ We’re gonna learn 2 themes and one solo in this lesson. 1. Greasy Gravy You can add ghost notes for texture – when you play with tongue blocking and release your tongue you get chords. Those can be used at some times right before the note. William Clarke – Greasy Gravy C chromatic harmonica, key [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Composition Elements (On Harmonica)

By Alex Paclin ~ This is a video dedicated to composition, let’s break down some of it’s main parts. Motif Motif is a short phrase that consists of a few notes and is important in composition. By repeating the motif, we make it more memorable, but we also can move notes around throughout the piece. Think of tree branches, [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Imagine Dragons “Believer” Harmonica Cover (With Tabs)

By Alex Paclin ~ Alex is back with another blistering cover this time featuring a song from the modern rock band, Imagine Dragons. Keep listening all the way through – how Alex takes this song from small to epic is a masterclass in dynamics and control (tabs included). “Believer” is a song by Imagine Dragons about someone who finds [&hellip... Continue Reading »

5 Popular Songs Made to Sound Like Legit Blues on Harmonica

By Alex Paclin ~ Did you know it’s possible to make nearly any song sound bluesy with your harmonica? In this video Alex takes 5 regular chart hits and “bluesifies” the heck of them (includes tabs)… 1. Bad Guy (Blues Style) This one has i, iv, and V chords and a melody in the pentatonic scale, so we just [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Top 7 Country Harmonica Riffs (with Tabs)

By Alex Paclin ~ 1. Silver Bells Silver Bells is a popular Christmas song composed by Jay Livingston and Ray Evans and covered by many famous artists including Charlie McCoy. Let’s cover the part with the echoing melody. F harmonica, key of F, 1st position 2 -2” -2   -3” -3 4 -3 -3 4 -4   4 -3 4 3 2 -2” -2   -3” [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Top Six 1960’s Songs with Harmonica Riffs

By Alex Paclin ~ 1. Born in Chicago This is a song by Paul Butterfield, released on his debut album. The album presents band originals and songs in the style of electric Chicago blues. It is one of the first blues albums recorded in America featuring a white singer, trailing a few years behind the British blues movement where white singers [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Top 5 Grammy Awards for Songs — With Harmonica

By Alex Paclin ~ 1. Johnny Winter feat. Jason Ricci (“My Babe”) Bb harmonica, 2nd position, key of F “Step Back” (by Johnny Winter). Step Back is an album by blues guitarist and singer Johnny Winter that won the 2015 Grammy Award for Best Blues Album. It features Jason Ricci on the harmonica for the song “My Babe” and in [&hellip... Continue Reading »

10 Types of Harmonica Players (Which Are You?)

By Alex Paclin ~ Do you know a harmonica player with a funny or distinctive style? Check out this video and see if there’s somebody you recognize.😉 There are 10 types of harmonica players here, including the ones who are crazy on effects, shedding on the harmonica, using a “woo” sound like Sonny Terry or just play harmonica and piano [&hellip... Continue Reading »