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James Harman

By JP Allen ~ Self-proclaimed “unfussy blues harp player”, James Harman, has been a bluesman all his adult life. Inspired by the likes of Little Walter, Walter Horton and Sonny Boy Williamson, James Harman is legendary. If you’ve never heard him before, you’re in for a blues harp treat&#... Continue Reading »

Charlie McCoy

By JP Allen ~ Who better for some country blues than Charlie McCoy? Enjoy! Am I the only one who has dreamed of playing like Charlie McCoy? When I first heard Orange Blossom Special it changed my harmonica life forever. Enjoy! jp... Continue Reading »

Greenback Boogie (Harmonica Cover & Tab)

By Alex Paclin ~ Greenback Boogie is a modern bluesy song made popular by the TV show Suits, here’s my harmonica cover version of it (tab and playing tips below): Greenback Boogie Key: Bb Harmonica -2” -2” -2” -2” -2” -2” -2 -2” -2” -2 -2” -2” -2” -2” -2” -2” -2 -2” -2” -2 -2” -2” -2” -2” [&hellip... Continue Reading »

In Memory of James Cotton

By JP Allen ~ James Cotton, 1935-2017. Some of James Cotton’s many awesome blues harp songs… I imagine many of us harmonica players are feeling this massive loss. May the whole world of harmonica acknowledge how much this man has given to inspiring the world with music... Continue Reading »

James Cotton – High Compression (Full Album)

By JP Allen ~ Would you like a little extra spice with that blues harmonica? 🙂 James Cotton (born July 1, 1935 in Mississippi) is an award-winning, world-renowned living legend of American blues harmonica. He’s toured with some of the classic blues bands, including Muddy Waters and Janis Joplin, and has played with just about every prominent artist in [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Rockin’ Jake: Harmonica Player of the Month

By Jaine Rodack ~ Rockin’ Jake will be the first one to tell you that life on the road isn’t always rockin’. It is, if not exactly a roller coaster ride, then something close to it: a series of glorious highs and “why am I doing this?” lows. But the man is also here to tell you that, having [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Sonny Boy Williamson II – The Real Folk Blues

By Michael Rubin ~ Sonny Boy Williamson II (AKA Alex Rice Miller) set the stage for all harmonica players who followed him. He was the BEST at cupping the hands to get a wah-wah sound. This album is classic, with incredible songs and playing. He played acoustically without a bullet mic and amplifier. Throughout his playing, notice little quick [&hellip... Continue Reading »

The Paul Butterfield Blues Band – Keep On Moving

By Michael Rubin ~ Here’s a look at Paul Butterfield Blues Band’s album, Keep On Moving… The entire album is in 2nd position. On the title track, jam along in the key of D on a G harp. Listen to the wah wahs he achieves by cupping his hands. He also uses a G harp in D to play [&hellip... Continue Reading »