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Saved by Harmonica – Exclusive Mark Hummel Interview

By Jaine Rodack ~ Mark Hummel spent a good part of his life being the odd man out, which is to say, in the minority. And so it was that early on he was immersed in, and gained an appreciation for, the music and culture of races, places and cultures other than his own. His parents met at Yale [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Q&A: Richard Hunter on Breaking Boundaries with the Diatonic Harmonica

By Justin Norton ~ If you want to take your harmonica playing outside of the traditional blues, rock and country paths, there are plenty of examples to follow. Simply visit one of the popular Facebook forums and listen to a wealth of brilliant jazz and classical harmonica playing, not to mention other unexpected genres. This was not always the [&hellip... Continue Reading »

The Most Underrated Harp Player? A Nat Riddles Playlist

By JP Allen ~ I’d heard of Nat Riddles but never gave the man a serious listen. Big mistake. After stumbling on Ricky Bush’s fantastic article on Nat Riddles I had to delve deeper into Nat’s work and boy was I rewarded; Ricky nail’s it with his review of Nat’s work… “He knocks me out with his tone. I [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Kim Wilson – High Octane Blues Playlist

By JP Allen ~ “For Kim Wilson, the musical journey started in Goleta, California. At 17 he began playing the harmonica. His influences included Little Walter, George “Harmonica” Smith, Lazy Lester and James Cotton. At the same time, Wilson began singing and was deeply impacted by Bobby “Blue” Bland, B.B. King, Otis Rush, Jimmy Rodgers and Muddy Waters.” (Read [&hellip... Continue Reading »