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The Paul Butterfield Blues Band – Keep On Moving

By Michael Rubin ~ Here’s a look at Paul Butterfield Blues Band’s album, Keep On Moving… The entire album is in 2nd position. On the title track, jam along in the key of D on a G harp. Listen to the wah wahs he achieves by cupping his hands. He also uses a G harp in D to play [&hellip... Continue Reading »

PT Gazell: Harmonica Player of the Month

By Jaine Rodack ~ Oconomowoc, Wisconsin: population 16,319, give or take a few folks, and birthplace of one PT Gazell. “It was a very small town,” says the harmonica man, “but a town that had a very vibrant music scene for as small as it was, and live music was a pretty big part of what went on there.” And [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Caveman Reed Gapping

By Michael Rubin ~ Jump to a Section ⊝ Caveman Reed Gapping Method ⊝ Why Gap Reeds? ⊝ What Is Reed Gapping? ⊝ How to Reed Gap? ⊝ Overblow Gapping What Is Reed Gapping? The quick answer… it’s a way to massively increase the performance of your harmonica. Why might that be helpful? Read on… I’M A CAVEMAN When [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Harmonica Lesson: My Babe by Little Walter

By Will Wilde ~ In this lesson I’ll break down how to play the classic song “My Babe” by Little Walter. Here we go… About My Babe -My Babe is a blues Standard written by Willie Dixon, based on the traditional gospel song “This Train (Is Bound For Glory)”. -It was a number one R&B hit single for Walter [&hellip... Continue Reading »

The Harmonica According To Charlie Musselwhite

By Michael Rubin ~ Musselwhite woke a lot of people up to playing in multiple positions i.e. using one harp to play in multiple keys. Here are some of his songs and the key, harp, and position they are played in… Song titles, keys, harps and positions… Harpin’ On A Riff Key of G, C harp, 2nd position Run [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Jessie J – Bang Bang (Harmonica Cover & Tab)

By Alex Paclin ~ “Bang, bang” is a very fun song to play on the harmonica. I used the Marine Band A harmonica and played in the key of B, which is the 3rd position. Jessie J – Bang Bang, Tab ||: -1 -1 -2′ -3″ -3 -4 4 4 4 4 4 -1 -1 -2′ -3″ -3 -4 [&hellip... Continue Reading »

How to Play Jingle Bells on Harmonica in 5 Steps (Steps 1 to 3)

By Hal Walker ~ JP Allen at invited me to create a short video to teach the holiday favorite, Jingle Bells.  Being the guy that I am, I turned that short video into a 5-part instructional series called “The Five Steps to Jingle Bells.”  This free (Youtube) series very simply lays out the Hal Walker method of learning [&hellip... Continue Reading »