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Hey Jude Harmonica Tab (The Beatles)

By admin ~ Here’s a couple of videos for the Hey Jude harmonica tab by the Beatles. The first video is the tab, plain and simple. The second video is a more detailed step-by-step walk through of the song. Simple Tab for Hey Jude More Detailed Tutorial for Hey Jude Here’s the tab that accompanies this lesson: 6 [&hellip... Continue Reading »

How to Bend Notes on Harmonica

By JP Allen ~ If you want to get that big bluesy sound that’s made the harmonica famous, you definitely want to learn how to bend notes on harmonica. I’m happy to show you how. Most people who pick up the harmonica never figure out this essential technique for playing with incredible soul and feeling. If you watch the [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Best For Beginners: Exploring 3 Harmonica Types

By admin ~

types of harmonica copy
Which harmonica is right for you? That depends on the playing stage you're at and what kind of music you want to play. Start here by understanding the main differences between the 3 types of harmonica – diatonic, chromatic and tremolo – and discover your best starting point …

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