Learn How to Play the Harmonica

By JP Allen ~ Fun Techniques for Learning to Play the Harmonica! So you want to learn how to play the harmonica? On this page I reveal the number one, easiest secret I know for learning how to play the harmonica with a rich bluesy tone and solid rhythm by getting your mouth position right! Learn the DEEP RELAXED [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Learn This Beautiful Harmonica Hymn With Filip Jers

By Hal Walker ~ This Swedish hymn is the perfect place to start. Begin by just humming along with the melody. Then learn the blows and draws of the song with big solid chords. When that’s mastered, figure out the single notes — write down the harmonica hole numbers. (I like to circle the numbers that are draw and [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Learn Classic Harmonica Songs With The Sardo Brothers

By Hal Walker ~ How many songs do you know by heart? How many of those complete melodies can you hum (with the bridge)? How many of those tunes can you play on that old (or new) harmonica of yours? Phil and Tony Sardo know thousands of melodies and continue to do their part in keeping those great melodies [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Easy 12 Bar Blues On Harmonica With Carlos Romero

By Hal Walker ~ Jammin’ blues artist, Carlos Romero and Hal Walker break down the 12-bar blues into the most basic form in order to give it away to you. Just wait ‘till you hear this kid from Florida wail! Ever since my band, Voyage from the Porch, broke up back in 1990, I’ve been a solo performer. Most [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Harmonica Tab: Silent Night by Joseph Mohr

By admin ~ Learn to play Silent Night by Joseph Mohr on your harmonica, the tab is below. Song facts: The first ever performance of “Silent Night” was in 1818 on Christmas Eve at a church in Oberndorf, Austria.  Harmonica type: diatonic Listen to the song: Struggling to make Silent Night sound awesome? Try improving your single notes and bends first [&hellip... Continue Reading »