Harmonica Players

Paul Butterfield Playlist

By JP Allen ~ Paul Butterfield created a blues style that was uniquely his own, preferring single notes as opposed to chords and playing his harmonica upside down (with the low notes to the right). Check out the videos below to get your dose of legendary blues harp (If you want to know more then there’s an great Paul [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Carlos Del Junco – Live (Full Video)

By JP Allen ~ Recently Alex Paclin revealed his top 7 harmonica players. Carlos Del Junco was one of those players to make that list. If you’re still unsure why then check out this awesome video, smooth blues, all the way 🙂... Continue Reading »

7 Best Harmonica Players, Ever?

By Alex Paclin ~ Here are my favorite harmonica players. Who would get on your list? Drop  us a comment below 🙂 Little Walter A pioneer of Chicago blues who has created an iconic style. His phrasing and effects were innovative and led to influence a lot of blues players in the future. Smart playing based on major and [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Video Lesson: How to Create Throat Vibrato

By Michael Rubin ~ I loved harmonica from the moment I played it. The sound was the coolest, it was small enough to fit in the pocket and my hands, and I could play it right away. But the sound that kept me in the game was Paul Butterfield’s throat vibrato. It was deep, sobbing, guttural and sorrowful and [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Big Walter ‘Shakey’ Horton Playlist

By JP Allen ~ Big Walter “Shakey” Horton was a shy man but when he got on the harmonica he became a blues beast. Quite simply, he’s one of the most loved and respected blues harmonica players of all time. For me, and many other harmonica players, his tremolo, and vibrato is second to none. It starts with, “How the heck does he do that?”  [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Harmonica Player of the Month: Jon Gindick (Exclusive Interview)

By Jaine Rodack ~ Baby’s Got the Blues: Jon Gindick playing, singing and harping with RJ Mischo in his self-described “man cave” in his Ventura home. Jon Gindick’s fate was sealed early on, or so it would appear. Call it destiny, call it coincidence but, as this photograph clearly shows, the idea that the diatonic just might play a major [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Hal Walker Harmonica Player of the Month (Exclusive Interview)

By Jaine Rodack ~ Hal Walker, taking his music to the streets Memories are complicated affairs. “I don’t know where family stories and my memory overlap,” confides Reuven Gnagnatti in the 2016 documentary Shalom Italia. And he’s not alone. For as our memories fade, they intermingle with family tales, old photographs, and things we have heard or read, to [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Mark Hummel Playlist (West Coast Blues!)

By JP Allen ~ If you’ve not heard of Mark Hummel, where have you been?! The New Yorker said, “Hummel, a specialist in West Coast Blues, knows a thing or two about how to please an audience”. See for yourself in the videos below 🙂 And you can learn more about Mark on his website... Continue Reading »