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Wanna come to a Harmonica Retreat in Hawaii with JP?

By JP Allen ~ YES! Because the other retreats sold out so fast, I’ll be hosting an additional 5-day harmonica retreat at my home in Kauai for beginning and intermediate-level harmonica players. I’m limiting this retreat to only 12 harmonica students so I can get to know you and personally help you with your biggest harmonica challenges... Continue Reading »

Repair ‘n’ Care of Your Harmonica to Save Money

By Joe Feeney ~ An average harmonica can cost you about $40 or less, while a good quality instrument may cost $100 or more – not a lot these days for the ability to produce a great sound. But modifying your harmonica, or getting it repaired (for example, replacing rusty reeds), can add significantly to that figure. So why [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Portrait of a Legend – William Clarke

By JP Allen ~ Born in 1951 in Inglewood, California, William Clarke was heir to Chicago’s legacy of amplified blues harmonica. As a youngster, he played guitar and drums. He loved rock and roll but the blues standards on some of the early Rolling Stones album inspired him to take up harmonica in 1967. A dedicated student of George [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Women Power Plays on Harmonica

By Joe Feeney ~ If the music world is made up of mighty pillars of harmonica kings, it is equally graced by women who, in one way or another, have made harmonica playing their lifelong successful career. Here are few of the women harmonica players who have made a success and earned a justified reputation in the music business. [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Ever Wonder Why Your Harmonica Reeds Go Flat?

By David Payne Sr. ~ Let’s do a little experiment or two. You will need some paper clips, a pencil, and a ruler. Take one of the paper clips and bend it out straight. Now bend it sharply back and forth. Keep bending it back and forth. Eventually, it will break. It breaks because of something called metal fatigue. Like [&hellip... Continue Reading »

All You Need Is 4 Notes

By admin ~ by: Hal Walker

 hal walker

Once again this week, I’m exploring the benefits of creating musical boundaries. Just for fun, I decided that I would try to write a song using just 4 different pitches...

... Continue Reading »

Harmonica Chords and Ryhthm

By admin ~ by: David Payne

 Harmonica Chords

Harmonica players spend years perfecting their soloing chops, but often neglect developing strong rhythm skills. When you chord, you are playing three notes at a time and you will need to maximize your lung power....
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Todd Parrott Harmonica Player of the Month

By admin ~ by: Evan Curtain

 Todd Parrott

Todd Parrott is our Harmonica Player of the Month! You won't find too many gospel harmonica players who can REALLY blow the roof off the house like Todd...
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Amazing Grace For Harmonica – Blues Style!

By admin ~ by: Evan Curtain

 notes holes c harmonica

Few songs are as special as Amazing Grace on the harmonica. What makes it so special? Check out Terry McMillan's version of Amazing Grace Harmonica. You'll see how cool it is. ..
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