7 Best Harmonica Players, Ever?

By Alex Paclin ~ Here are my favorite harmonica players. Who would get on your list? Drop  us a comment below 🙂 Little Walter A pioneer of Chicago blues who has created an iconic style. His phrasing and effects were innovative and led to influence a lot of blues players in the future. Smart playing based on major and [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Harmonica Retreat in Hawaii: Feb 27- March 3, 2017

By JP Allen ~ I’m so stoked! I will be having an intimate 5-day harmonica retreat at my home in Kauai. I’m limiting it to only 5 beginning and intermediate-level harmonica students, because I want to have more time and energy to get to know you and personally help you with your biggest harmonica challenges... Continue Reading »

When Johnny Comes Marching Home Tab

By admin ~ (Louis Lambert, 1863) Key: Any key Harmonica played in 1st Position. Because of the way a diatonic harmonica is tuned you can play this song with any 10-hole harmonica that you have. However, if you want to jam along in tune with a recording, you will need a harmonica in the key of the recording [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Suzuki Manji M-20 Harmonica

By admin ~ $63.99 DISCOUNT FOR A 4-PACK OF MANJI′s (A,C,D & G) $99.80 DISCOUNT FOR A 7-PACK OF MANJI′s (A,Bb,C,D,E,F,& G) Suzuki Manji M-20 Harmonica Videos Review by Ronnie Shellist Review by JP Allen Why am I recommending the Suzuki Manji to you today (…after 20 years of almost exclusively endorsing Hohner Harmonicas)? It’s kind of like [&hellip... Continue Reading »