Free Harmonica Tabs for Free Willy Harmonica Tune by Unknown

By Michael

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Would you like to learn how to play Free Willy Harmonica Tune on the harmonica?

See link below to find harp tablature of the Internet’s best free version of this song.

Hey Harmonica Lover,

Because there are many versions of Free Willy Harmonica Tune by Unknown on the internet, we’ve provided you with the below link to our favorite diatonic harmonica tabs for this song.

For most songs you will need to know how to play single notes at the third level. What’s that?

Level 1: Confidently play one single note at a time.

Level 2: Confidently play from one note to an adjacent single note

Level 3: Start on one note and confidently jump (a minimum of 2 holes up or down) and land perfectly on a sweet clear single note.

You Can Definitely Play Songs and Sound Good!

Playing a sweet, clear single note is a great start. Most students find that until they’ve learned the Eleven Core Essential Harmonica Techniques, playing along with song tabs may leave them feeling a tad discouraged.

I can help you learn to play songs and sound good in less than a month. Maybe even in one week (if you practice 45 minutes per day).

If you ever need my support, I would love to show you how I’ve helped thousands of non-musicians play songs with soul and feeling.

Click this link to learn about my video lessons for How To Play The Harmonica.

CLICK HERE for Free Willy Harmonica Tune by Unknown – FREE Harmonica Tab

Your Harmonica Buddy,

JP Allen

P.S. Have you found more accurate tabs for this song or have a comment about this tab? Then post your comment below 🙂

P.S.S. If you’re playing a basic 10-hole instrument (aka diatonic), you can play Unknown, Free Willy Harmonica Tune song tab with any key harmonica you have.

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  • Antony


    Hi could you tell me what notes were played in the free willy movie and what key harmonica it was? Some say it was a regular c harmonica others say it was a c major. I’ve got a regular c harmonica and I’ve played 5 6 3 34 -4 -5 5 but it didn’t sound right (Too high up). I’ve tried it on 4 5 2 and it sounded right but I can’t figure out the rest. I don’t know if those notes I’ve found we’re right an I need a different key harmonica than the regular c key one I have or that the notes were wrong and I’ve found the correct notes at the beginning but can’t find the rest. Also I’m sorry to be a bother but if its possible could I have the full tune which was played aswel as the first notes of the tune jesse played on his harmonica? The tune is a very feel good happy one I would really like to play 🙂 thanks for your time. Hope to hear back from you.


    • JP Allen


      Hey Antony…here is a version I found on Youtube.
      I believe its being played on a C chromatic harmonic harmonica. There is no way to play this on a diatonic harmonica without control of your bends and overblows and it would sound very different tonally. I only teach diatonic so this is a little out of my league. jp


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