Hohner Blues Harp Harmonica Review

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Hohner Blues Harp Harmonica
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Review Summary:

The Hohner Blues Harp is a 10-hole diatonic with a wood comb. So, if you prefer plastic or want a chromatic, you should avoid it. But, if you're looking for a good diatonic, it produces one of the best sounds among the diatonic harps that cost about the same amount. If features 20 reeds with brass reed plates. According to Hohner, the reeds are designed to be long-lasting, but some consumers say that the reeds actually need to be adjusted or replaced fairly often. Another problem is that the front of the reed plates has a bit of a lip, or sharp edge. So, this beginner's mouth harp should definitely be played carefully to avoid any cut lips.


  • Replaceable reed
  • Solid construction


  • Like all the M.S. Hohner harps with replaceable reeds.... absolute beginners will find it hard to learn to bend as the reeds are robust. If you're a beginner and want to learn to bend and you want to try a Hohner harmonica best try the Hohner Special 20 (still good for blues).

User Reviews (2)

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    george royster


    prefer sp 20 to blues harp……much tighter…..blues harp slightly leaky

    • Avatar

      JP Allen


      Right on George, love the special 20. jp

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