Hohner Hot Metal Harmonica Review

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Hohner Hot Metal Harmonica
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    Editor: 65%

Review Summary:

The Hohner Hot Metal is a 10-hole diatonic harp. It has a sound that is hard and gritty, making it good for louder, harder styles of music, such as rock and metal. However, only amateur musicians are likely to enjoy this model. It looks flashy enough. It features brass reeds, a plastic come, and stainless steel covers, much like many other Hohners. However, this model is not up to Hohner's usual airtight standards. It tends to leak a lot of air, and some have said that certain holes stop working entirely soon after purchase. Although, others have said that their Hot Metal harps have worked fine. Nevertheless, serious musicians may want to spend a little more money for a more reliable model.


  • Better case than the Blues Band, but not worth the extra cash


  • This harp is kind of in no man's land. It's basically a low grade beginners harp that commands a higher price. You'd be better off with a Hohner Blues Band if you want a good beginners harp.

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