Sonny Boy / Big Walter Harmonica Lick Lesson (Part 2 of 2)

By JP Allen

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Have you heard this classic lick from the first Sonny Boy Williamson and Big Walter Horton? Well now you can learn to play it.

I’m warning you ahead it’s more challenging than it sounds (but if you can learn this lick, it will be well worth the effort).

Although this riff doesn’t require bending, I consider it challenging because some of the transitions are pretty awkward at first.

I love the way my friend Joe Filisko breaks it down for you and plays it slow so you can play along.

Down below are the two links to the additional videos lessons I reference in this lesson.

I hope you liked this lesson. Feel free to let me know in the comments below if you want less or more lessons like this in the future. Thanks,

JP Allen

To do the easier Part 1 of this lesson click this link:

For an easier lesson you can also check out the lesson Joe and I did that teaches a simple lead harmonica riff that sounds great click below link:

JP Allen

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Comments (3)

  • Tim elliott


    Great I love licks and riffs from the greats thanks guy keep up the good work !


    • JP Allen


      Nice Tim. My next blog is also going to focus on how to play solo harmonica playing rhythm and lead but it won’t be from “the greats”. I’ll make sure I do another lesson soon that is from one of the greats. jp


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