Suzuki Soprano Harmonica Review

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Suzuki Soprano Harmonica
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Review Summary:

The Suzuki Soprano Single features both a chromatic and a diatonic scale. The top row is chromatic, while the bottom row is diatonic. It has solid brass reed plates and cover plates, as well as laser-tuned phosphor bronze reeds and a hardwood body. It is an excellent harmonica to use during ensemble play for either the rhythm or sub-melody. It's black finish and ergonomic design ensure that it looks good and is comfortable for lengthy performances. Although it's quite expensive for a harmonica, it will be worth every penny to a true musician, since it is a top-quality professional instrument.


  • Fantastic sound
  • Plays diatonic and chromatic notes
  • Excellent for concert play


  • Value is excellent for professional players, but the cost is too high for most beginner and intermediate players

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