The Step-By-Step Way To Learn a Ton of Songs on Harmonica

(No sheet music reading ability or theory required!)

A Super Fun Way to Become a Master of Songs!

(with an impressive repertoire in your back pocket)

Hi Friends,

This is JP Allen, founder and owner of Over the years, I've heard the same complaint from hundreds of students: "I can dabble with the harmonica, but I don't feel confident playing songs or jamming over the blues."

After years of attempting to find a solution, I was never satisfied … until now. With my brand-new, Jam-Along Song System, I can finally help you sound great playing songs in a way that's fun and easy.

What makes my Jam-Along Song System different than my other harmonica video lessons (or any other harmonica lessons out there)?

This step-by-step, cutting-edge method focuses on SONGS, SONGS, SONGS!!! Whether you're a beginner or someone who has been playing for quite a while, in less than a month you'll be playing jaw-dropping blues ... and easily performing some of the most popular harmonica songs on the planet.

JP has really hit a homerun with these song generators. I have found it to be one of the fastest ways to learn a harmonica song. It gives you everything you need, the tabs, the melody, the timing and even the articulation for each note. Its really a great method to learn a song very quickly.

Swartz Creek, Michigan

Learn Songs From All the Popular Harmonica Styles

Have a Listen to a Few of the Many Songs You'll Learn:

Learn Blues Songs...

Blues Example

Folk Songs...

Folk Example

Classic Songs...

Classic Example

And Traditional Songs...

Traditional Example

Playing Along Is a Fun and Easy Way to Learn

When you play along, you get to hear how the songs sound. Knowing that you are playing the songs correctly will keep you inspired and help you master the songs quickly and easily.

Learn at Your Own Pace

If you're a beginner, you can start with easier songs and build up to the advanced level.

Start Slow to Learn Fast

One of the secrets to successfully learning a piece with accuracy is to start slow. Once you master a song playing slow, you can make it a game to challenge yourself to play a little bit faster every day. My Jam-Along Song System makes this easy, because you can control the tempo as you progress.

Pick Different Styles of Music

Expand your repertoire with my Jam-Along Song System, which offers a great selection of music — blues, folk, traditional, and classical.

Tons of Songs and Styles to Choose from

With my Jam-Along Song System, you get 50 great songs … PLUS 25 bonus blues solos … PLUS 75 recordings of professional harmonica performances.

More Fun with Jam-Along Tracks

Many of the pieces include a jam section, where you can jam along — either repeating the melody notes or improvising on your own!

A Complete Step-By-Step Learning Course

This is not just a "thrown together" collection of some of the most popular harmonica songs and awesome blues solos. It's much more than that. It's a complete course which will take you to advanced levels of performance ... step-by step ... song by song. Check out how the Road Map works in this video:

I love your new harmonica song system. The variety of songs and genres is great. I love that you can search by song title, difficulty level or genre. I also appreciate that you have the ability to speed up or slow down the player as your level of play changes. One other feature I really like is that you can see the entire song on the screen rather than waiting for the curser to scroll down while the music is playing. I'm addicted!


Two Years and Five Teachers in the Making!

I developed the Jam-Along Song System with the help of some of the finest harmonica players on the planet, over the course of two years. These teachers include Joe Powers, Michael Rubin, Michael Brebes, Sam Friedman, JP Allen, and Jason Curran.

This means not only that you'll learn and hear some phenomenal original perfomances but also that ALL songs included with the system are deadly accurate, to the note (no need to suffer with annoying incorrect harmonica tabs any longer)

Jam-Along Song System Overview

  • Makes learning songs FUN and EASY (with "bouncing ball" technology & easy tempo control).

  • Expands your repertoire, with many music styles to choose from.

  • Easy harmonica tablature makes songs a breeze to learn.

  • Saves you money — no need to pay for private lessons.

  • Instant access as soon as you order

  • Money-back guarantee

  • Compatible on all computers, laptops, tablets + mobile devices

  • Includes real harmonica performance audios

Rock-Solid Guarantee

If this product does not skyrocket your ability to play harmonica songs (and sound good!) in 60 days, we will refund your money — no questions asked.

All you have to do is contact me and I'll get back to you fast: email at, or call my support team on 1-800-292-4963 within 60 days of your purchase and Will Give You a Full Refund (No Questions Asked)

Why do I offer this guarantee with such confidence? Simple: you will not find an easier or more effective way of learning actual harmonica songs, at your own speed, anywhere else. Also, if you learn one song each week, there are enough songs to keep you going for well over a year!

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  • Learn at your own pace
  • Sound great right away
  • 100 songs to master
  • 25 bonus blues solos for jamming
  • 75 bonus recordings of professional harmonica performances
  • Compatible with all computers, laptops, tablets + mobile devices
  • 60-day money-back guarantee
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I LOVE IT!!!! AWESOME!!! I've tried other methods of virtual learning like reading harp tabs on websites, trying to mimic what I hear on YouTube, or using another teacher's format. The issue is the same – how do I connect what I'm hearing with what I have to do? For me, it's the connection between hearing the music and knowing which holes to blow and draw. That's what makes this tool so great...hearing the music and reading the notes – at my pace! This is by far the best tool I've run into...!

Tampa, Florida

Blues, folk, traditional, classical all the music is here separated at 5 levels written with 2 different ways (normal tab and harmonica tab) and in different positions plus all these tools control tempo,what more to ask? this teaching program has everything! My favorite artist Michael Rubin 'Got the blues' advanced o yes i got the blues!