If you haven’t already discovered the mind-blowing effect of all draw blues riffs, Will Wilde’s 9-minute video lesson below might be the most important blues/rock harmonica lesson you’ll ever take.

Who the Heck Is Will Wilde?

He a five-time nominee of the British Blues Awards for best harmonica player. ‘Nuff said. His playing speaks for itself.

When you listen to his Cover of Parisienne Walkways below, notice how he uses the exact “all draw” technique he taught you in the lesson above to climax his solo at 1:28 and then again at 3:48.

If this guy ever comes to a town near you’ve got to check him out for me (I don’t think he’ll be playing in Hawaii anytime soon).

Here’s “On The Road Again” from his “Live at Hamburg” CD:

And in the below video he gives you a great lesson on how to play “On The Road Again.”

If you appreciate as much as I do how much Will is giving to the harmonica world, please let him know in the comments section below.


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