Brendan Power’s Bag of Harmonica Tricks (Alternate Tuning Masterclass)

By Brendan Power

Written by Brendan Power on . Posted in Blog: Harmonica Articles, Harmonica Players

Greetings! I’m Brendan Power, a professional harmonica player and designer/maker. Maybe you’ve heard of me – I hope so! I’m happy to have been commissioned by JP Allen to make some videos for This one is a general introduction, where I talk a bit about what I do and play some of the harmonicas I use in my shows.

Here are the harmonicas I play and talk about, along with links to more info & demo videos:

PowerDraw 1:45-3:15

Paddy Richter 3:20-5:05

PowerBender 5:10-5:48

Lucky 13 5:55-7:05

Turboslide 7:15-8:10

PowerChromatic 8:45-9:30

AsiaBend 9:35-10:45

Slide Diatonic 11:35-12:25

I hope you enjoyed this video. More to come. See you then!

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    Javier Barajas


    Wow U realy like it no doubt you are a MASTER


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    Nihal rathnayake


    Harmonica master ji appka harmonica songs are bahoth sundar or achchi hei. Mei bhi fan or practice harmonica . And can you help me please ?


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