Bread and Butter, Salt and Pepper, Fish and chips, Harmonica and Blues.

They just go together so well. They’re a great fit. Like Sonny Terry and Brownie McGhee.

Check them out in this youtube clip called “Hootin Blues”

Blues Harmonica is kind of “feeling your way through the music”.
There’s really no wrong way… just feel and play.

First learn the scale up and down

2D 3D' 4B 4D' 4D 5D 6B 6B 5D 4D 4D' 4B 3D' 2D.

All the notes you need are right there so practice your bends, vibrato, hand wah wah, and tone.

Here’s my gift to you, a free lesson which will get you started on the blues scale.

Remember one good bluesy note can go a long way. So keep it simple at first. And one day maybe you’ll sound like this gentleman. This is a pure blues classic, enjoy.

I’d love to know which blues harmonica players have inspired you in your life?


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