Here’s a cool blues riff that will get you working on the 4 draw bend. The 4 draw bend is a very soulful sounding note and is found in a lot of classic blues songs. This riff in this lesson also includes some throat vibrato and basic chording. You’ll need to know how to play single notes and do some basic bending before learning this riff. Please refer to JPs lessons on these topics if you aren’t already familiar with these techniques. Try playing the riff at a slower tempo at first and then speed it up to the regular tempo gradually. Good luck and Enjoy. P.S. The tab is below

Eric Noden, Bending ‘n’ Vibrato Blues Riff Tab:

(C Harmonica)

-4   -4’   -4   -4.5
-1.2.3   1.2.3   -1.2.3   -1.2.3


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