Harmonica and beat-boxing – who’d have thought it? Brendan Power, that’s who 🙂 In this video not only do you get to see Brendan’s beat-boxing, but he gives a first look at the very exciting, not yet released, Suzuki SUB30 UltraBend harmonica. You really need to see why there’s so much fuss about the Ultrabend, it’s unlike any harp you’ve seen before! But that’s not all, there’s a blues riff lesson thrown in for good measure. Enjoy…

YouTube amazes me. Until I signed on just a few years ago, I had no way to know the extent of the talent that exists out there in the harmonica community. For many years, it was just me and my pockets full of harmonicas wandering around Ohio. Every once in a while, it was a treat to run into another harp player, but it didn’t happen very often. Today, the amount of harmonica information on Youtube is staggering. Sometimes, it can be inspiring and other times, it’s overwhelming.

Lately, I’ve been enjoying the Youtube videos of Brendan Power. I keep wanting to call him up and say, “How in the heck did you do that?!?!” I’m a pretty good harmonica player. I have a great sense of rhythm, a big tone and natural sense of phrasing and melody. But Brendan Power, on the other hand, has all these things and an awesome mastery of the instrument. Brendan knows his way around those 10 holes.

Again, sometimes it’s inspiring, but sometimes, it just makes me think thoughts like, “I’ll never be that good. There aren’t enough hours in the day to get that good. I just don’t have it.” I need to catch myself when I have those kinds of thoughts. How grateful am I for what I do have? Isn’t it wonderful that that are so many people that are so darn much better than me.

I hope you’ll use these videos to remind you to be grateful for what you have and to inspire you to work to get better.

If you are interested in getting yourself a Suzuki SUB30 UltraBend you can order one from us here: https://www.harmonica.com/go/sub30

P.S. Here’s some more of Brendan’s crazy brand of genius:


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