Bye Bye Bird is played on a Low D harmonica (an octave lower than the regular D). I chose the low version because it has a more authentic vibe to me and used the Marine Band 364 for it, but you can use any low harmonica you want of course. (You can find the tab below the video)

The main feature are the improvised variations around the main riff, that you may will play freely after you try a lot of these variations and learn them. There are a lot of deep bends because of the low harmonica, so bends on 3 hole draw will be closer to your throat (the placement of the tongue curve). Jam along with that riff for a while until you feel comfortable, play different licks, make them sound confident and convincing, the real effortless will come when it’s so easy that it becomes boring The licks that I show you are taken from the original song. Also listen to this song played with a full band, you’ll find something that sounds different and by learning this version too you will refresh your playing. If you’re gonna play it with a band try switching the low and high harps as well. Now go ahead and learn this song!

Bye Bye Bird Tab

Low D harmonica, 2nd position, Key of A

-1 2 3 2 3 2 -123 -123 -123 -123 -3’ -2


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