Harmonica Tab: Enter Sandman (Riff) by Metallica

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Learn to play Enter Sandman (Riff) by Metallica on your harmonica, the tab is below.

Song facts: “Enter Sandman” was released in 1991. Rhythm guitarist James Hetfield described the song as a “wall of guitars” because three rhythm guitar tracks of the same riff are played to created a “wall of sound”.

Harmonica type: diatonic

Listen to the song:

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Enter Sandman by Metallica (for diatonic harmonica)

-2 -2 6 -4′ 4

-2 -2 6 -4′ 4

-2 -2 6 -4′ 4

-2 -3′ -2 -3″ -2 -3″ -3′ -3″ -2




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