In this lesson, I want to teach you 3 variations on a harmonica riff inspired by the great Sonny Boy Williamson and his song, Bring It On Home.

The video above is the original song, which you would need an “A” key harmonica to be in tune.

For the Below Lesson Video, You Will Need to Use a “c” Key Harmonica.

You’ll also need to know how to play single notes and bend on the harmonica, or at least be familiar with and working on those techniques.

In Blues harmonica fashion, we will be playing in second position which will put us in the key of G Blues. Here are the harmonica tabs in simple form.

Variation 1

-4b -4
-4b -4 -3 -2

Variation 2

-4b -4 -5
-4b -4 -3 -2

Variation 3

-4b -4-5 (played together)
-4b -4 -3 -2

Each of the licks start with a draw bend on hole 4 resolving or scooping into a straight draw 4.

After that we can stay on draw 4, slide up to draw 5, or play draw 4 and 5 together for a real dirty Blues sound.

All three variations have the same ending starting with a 4 hole draw bend, scooping into draw 4, and then falling off to draw 3, then draw 2, and even bending away further at the end.

This is a great lick for practicing the 4 hole draw bend and for working on single notes. It will also help with your rhythm and feel.

Join me in the fun as I take you through each of the variations with multiple play-alongs.



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