Hohner Bass Harmonica Review

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Hohner Bass Harmonica
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Review Summary:

The Hohner Bass is a very unusual harmonica. It's unusual to find a bass harmonica to begin with, but the Hohner Bass is extra special. If has 39 holes and 78 blow reeds. It is 11” long and offers an extended range that is perfect for playing classical music. In fact, the Hohner Bass was specifically designed as an instrument to be played by orchestral musicians. It is definitely not a mouth harp for a novice player. However, it is the perfect accompanying instrument to add to the rhythm of an orchestra or classical band. The acrylic body and perfectly airtight construction make it reliable and dependable in any situation.


  • Unique sound suitable for orchestral play
  • Sturdy construction
  • Consistent play


  • Expensive
  • Not meant for certain types of music, such as blues
  • Unique bass configuration may be difficult to learn

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