Hohner Little Lady Harmonica Review

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Hohner Little Lady Harmonica
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  • Value
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  • Sound
    Editor: 85%

Review Summary:

The Hohner Little Lady is very aptly named. It measures just 1 3/8” long. It is one of the smallest working mouth harps you'll ever find. It has just 4 holes and 8 reeds, but that doesn't stop it from making a great sound, especially considering the low price. This little harmonica has a very nice tone, but it only plays one octave. Nevertheless, it's a great harmonica to use if you want to impress friends at parties, or impress an audience when you're on stage. People will be amazed that you can play such a tiny mouth harp. You'll also be able to impress people with your seemingly unending lung power, since this little harp takes almost no air to play.


  • Nice sound
  • Novelty size, fun to show off


  • Only plays a single octave
  • Small size can make it difficult to play

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