Howard Levy is a Jazz Diatonic Harmonica Master. Once he learned how to master the overblows and the overdraws, he was able to really open up the Diatonic Harmonica to Jazz.

Check him out in this You Tube clip. Although he utilizes all styles in this clip, I couldn’t resist sharing it here. Pay special attention when he turns the harmonica into BAGPIPES! Pretty cool. (At 4 minutes 50 seconds.)

Another great Jazz harmonica player, (although a chromatic player) is Toots Thielemans. Still going strong and been around for a long, long time. Check out this You Tube Jazz standard out called “Bluesette”.

So Diatonic Harmonica players rejoice and be glad. Now that Howard Levy has shown us the overblow technique, we also can make great music in the wonderful world of Jazz Harmonica.

If are you Jazzercising your harp, you’ll want to master your overblows.

Do you know of any great Jazz harp players you’d like to brag about? Leave me a message below.


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