Lee Oskar Natural Minor Harmonica Review

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Lee Oskar Natural Minor Harmonica
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Review Summary:

The Lee Oskar Natural Minor is a very unusual mouth harp. While it's easy to find online, it's not something that you will see often in stores. That's because Lee Oskar created it to be different. He wanted to fill a void in the harmonica world, and he definitely accomplished that. The Lee Oskar Natural Minor is fantastic for playing those emotional tunes that blues players love. The cross harp (second position) play makes every note soulful and almost mournful. So, don't expect to belt out any happy tunes with this harp. But, if you are a blues player, you'll love the tone, as well as the fact that it's easy to take apart and service. Replacement reeds are cheap and easy to install.


  • If you want to play a song in a minor key you'll really enjoy this harmonica


  • No cons

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