In this video Kaleena Hutchins performs Midnight on the Water and Orange Blossom Special — and she also throws in a neat lesson on how to play a train rhythm on your harmonica:

In the world of harmonica playing, you’ll soon discover that the men greatly outnumber the women. And when you’re at a SPAH convention (Society for Preservation and Advancement of the Harmonica), you’ll soon notice that the over 40 crowd greatly outnumbers the under 40’s.

But people like Kaleena Hutchins are changing all that. Kaleena is a harmonica enthusiast and a fine musician from Melbourne, Arkansas. With a flower in her hair, Kaleena helps to redefine the reputation of the harmonica.

Just listen to Kaleena play Midnight on the Water and notice how the world becomes a more beautiful place. A great melody has the power to do that and the harmonica can express a melody like no other instrument.

It was a treat to hear about Kaleena’s success in youth talent contests throughout the south with her version of Orange Blossom Special. You’ve got to see the way she switches harps throughout the piece… she’s a real charmer. Kaleena then offers us a very valuable lesson on a subject that every beginning harmonica player needs to know — how to play a train rhythm.

But the thing that really sticks with me in this interview is the power of a great melody.

Stick around till the very end of the interview and until you’ve got Midnight on the Water singing through your soul.

Have fun! Hal

P.S. Here’s some more Kaleena for you, performing one of her original songs with some sweet harp playing about 1m 40s in:


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