1. Star Wars, Force Theme and Imperial March

Almost sounds like he’s playing two harmonicas (or maybe he’s using the force?), awesome. Grab the tab here.

2. The Godfather

Check out the size of that harp, size of a horses head! Tab here.

3. Game of Thrones

Not from a movie but too good not to include. Boris Plotnikov nails this.

4. Schindler’s List

Philip Achille plays this classic soundtrack

5. Wizard of Oz, Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Wonderful tone. Performed by Roly Platt

6. Pirates of the Caribbean

What a fun soundtrack. Tab here.

7. Sound of Silence From the Graduate

The timeless Simon & Garfunkel hit. Tab here.

8. Titanic, My Heart Will Go on

Iceberg! This one includes the tabs on the video.

9. Braveheart

You can take our lives but you can never take our harmonicas! A haunting rendition:


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