Harmonica Tab: Pink (Intro) by Aerosmith

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Learn to play Pink (Intro) by Aerosmith on your harmonica, the tab is below.

Harmonica type: diatonic

Listen to the song:

Struggling to make Pink (Intro) sound awesome? Try improving your single notes and bends first with these easy video lessons >> Click here

Pink (Intro) by Aerosmith (for diatonic harmonica)

-4 4 -4′-4′-4′-4′-4′-4′ 4

-4 -4′-4′-4′-4′-4′ 4

3 -3′-4′-3′-4′-3′-4′-3′-4′ -3′

2 3 -3′-3′-3′ 3


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    I’m a 50 yr old woman who’s wanted to play the harmonica since I was 4. I ain’t dead yet so am just starting. You’re helping make it a lotta fun — wish I’d found you when I was 4 🙂 Thank you for sharing, JP

    p.s. I still practice in a closet when no one is home, though. I attract cats in heat otherwise. My son’s in a band, soon I’ll “come out of the closet” and demand a solo at his next gig. You s’pose?


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      JP Allen


      Hey Coby!!! Smiles… I’m so glad my lessons are helping you. Sounds exciting to jam with your son. Good luck! jp


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    be nice to know the keys


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