Seydel Orchestra S Harmonica Review

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Seydel Orchestra S Harmonica
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Review Summary:

The Seydel Orchestra S Session Steel Solo has a layout that is similar to a standard chromatic harmonica. That means that anyone transitioning to playing chromatics might find this to be a good mouth harp to start with. However, the difference is that the Orchestra S Session Steel Solo only has 10 holes. But don't let its smaller size fool you. It is still an excellent mouth harp. It has a lovely tone, and its screw assembly makes it easy to adjust or replace the reeds. Although, it plays beautifully all on its own. So, tuning it yourself isn't required.


  • Good harp for those ready to slowly transition to chromatics


  • Unusual size and layout make it not suited to beginners

User Reviews (4)

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    brian mcgowan


    • Rated 5 stars

    I only bought two of these harps very recently, and I am not a beginner, these are seriously good harps,for anyone, tone is excellent and for the more advanced you can still bend and over blow so you can get the full chromatic scale, i am having great fun with them,

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    People talk too much and are self opinionated, so you read….. not for beginners, that’s rubbish. They are for beginnersBUT not if you want to play blues harp in second position. If you want to play campfire, folk, pop, Christmas carols, classics, and not interested in blues then start with this, and you’ll never need another harmonica. But should you get into blues you can play this effortlessly in 3 rd position, but if you’re a beginner you won’t know what I’m talking about people hype things up because they want your money, save it, and buy one of these, but if you really want to play blues then buy an easttop

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      JP Allen


      Thanks for your input Paul. jp

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    Dave Frome


    Yo! WHAT a harmonica! All serious players need one of these lovely harps. Seriously, you can impress all those present with this beautifull harmonica even if you are a novice that has learned to play a single tune.
    You MUST get one!

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