Sonny Boy Williamson II (AKA Alex Rice Miller) set the stage for all harmonica players who followed him. He was the BEST at cupping the hands to get a wah-wah sound.

This album is classic, with incredible songs and playing. He played acoustically without a bullet mic and amplifier. Throughout his playing, notice little quick groups of two holes played at once, called double stops. Rick Estrin calls these the glue that holds the carpet together. Notice repetitive tongue slaps. He will often play 2 through 5 draw, slap into 5 draw and repeat multiple times.

He created many classic licks that are copied by endless players. Listen to Got To Move, or Down Child. He was a master at well-spaced phrases. Listen to Checkin’ Up On My Baby. He could be very melodic. His harmonica sings on Too Young To Die and Bring It On Home and yes, that is where Led Zeppelin got it from!

One Way Out: Key of A on D harp, 2nd position

Too Young To Die: Key of D on a G harp, 2nd position

Trust My Baby: Key of G on a G harp, 1st position

Checkin’ Up On My Baby: Key of A on a D harp, 2nd position

Sad To Be Alone: Key of C on an F harp, 2nd position

Got to Move: Key of G on a C harp, 2nd position

Bring It On Home: Key of E on an A harp, 2nd position

Down Child: Key of C on an F harp, 2nd position

Peach Tree: Key of G on a C harp, 2nd position

Dissatisfied: Key of Ab on a C Koch Chromatic (BEST GUESS), 9th position

That’s All I Want: Key of F on a Bb harp, 2nd position

Too Old To Think: Key of C on an F harp


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