Here is Alex’s take on a sensational song by Billie Eilish called “Bad Guy“. Multiple harmonica layers are used here to create harmony with a roaring, yet smooth sound. The song is played in 5th and 3rd positions switching harmonicas where needed to create different textures.

Tabs and the original song are below the video.

Bad Guy by Billie Eilish
F harmonica, 3rd position, key of Gm.

Here’s tabs for the part played on the synth:

-1 -3”  -1 -3”’ -3” -3”’ -2” (x4)
-2 -4   -2 -4’ -4 -4’ -3’ (x2)
-3” 5   -3” -4’ -3” -2

Here’s the original song by Billie Eilish:

Hope you enjoy!


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