A fun song by Shawn Mendes is double fun when played on the harmonica .

Using 12th position is going to make it expressive as you’ll have the bends on 1 and 3 scale degrees in the second octave. I used a Marine Band harmonica in A here which gave some texture, especially in the low octave. I also variate the chorus melody a bit and add the 3rd interval when the chorus repeats.

Tabs and the original song are below the video.

Shawn Mendes “If I Can’t Have You”
A harmonica, 12th position, key of D

Here’s tabs for the part played on the synth:

-5 -5 -5 -5 -5 -5 -5 6 -6 -6’ -5 (x3)
7 -8 -6 7 6 -6 -5 6 4 4 -5

Here’s the original song by Shawn Mendes:

Hope you enjoy!


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