The first time I heard Alex Paclin perform, “Stay With Me” (using a Low F and a G harmonica) I said to myself, “the harmonica world needs to know about this guy.”

Stay With Me by Sam Smith

-3" +4 -4 +4 -3"
-2" -2 -2" -3" -2" -2"
-3" +4 -4 +5 -4 +4 -3" -2 -2"
-2" -2 -2" -3" -2" -2"

To me, Alex is more than a well-cultivated harmonica player; he seems like a natural born musician who could play any instrument. How lucky we are that he chose harmonica.

Granted. This isn’t the blues or rock style harmonica we all know and love, but can you feel something when you listen to Alex play? Am I hallucinating or is this guy the real deal?

Can you take 20 seconds and let me know quick in the comments below?


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