Hey Beatles Lover,

My harmonica buddy Joe Powers made a nice lesson for you in which he shares a super cool way to play “Yesterday” on the harmonica. Both parts of the lesson are below:

Part 1 (you’ll Find Part 2 Down Below):

What You Need to Know

1. Take your time and have patience learning this tune. It’s challenging but it will be so satisfying if you master it. If you want to learn an easier Beatles tune go with “Love Me Do”.

2. I would call this song ADVANCED not intermediate because the bends are tough to land in tune. (Joe Powers is an insanely cultivated musician so his standards are pretty high. Want proof? Check him out at http://www.joepowers.com or pick-up his album, “Apasionado” at https://www.joepowers.com/music )

3. Use your 10-hole diatonic harmonica in the key of C (that’s the most common harmonica) And yes… even though “Yesterday” is in the Key of F major, you’re going to use your C harmonica because you’re playing in 12th position. If you want to learn more about the twelve harmonica positions you can check our blog by clicking here.

4. Because Harmonica.com is choosing to respect copyright laws we can only include the tabs in the video itself (not here in the written copy). It might be good practice for you to watch the video and write down the harmonica tabs yourself.

Note: Joe was a big contributor to my Jam-Along Song System. If you haven’t yet checked it out it’s an awesome way to learn tons of great songs and blues jams. Click here for more info.

Part 2

I hope you this lesson from Joe helps you out and remember to take your time with it.

More soon,
JP Allen

Struggling to Make Yesterday Sound Awesome?

Try improving your single notes and bends first with these easy video lessons >> Click here


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