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Rockin’ Jake: Harmonica Player of the Month

By Jaine Rodack ~ Rockin’ Jake will be the first one to tell you that life on the road isn’t always rockin’. It is, if not exactly a roller coaster ride, then something close to it: a series of glorious highs and “why am I doing this?” lows. But the man is also here to tell you that, having [&hellip... Continue Reading »

PT Gazell: Harmonica Player of the Month

By Jaine Rodack ~ Oconomowoc, Wisconsin: population 16,319, give or take a few folks, and birthplace of one PT Gazell. “It was a very small town,” says the harmonica man, “but a town that had a very vibrant music scene for as small as it was, and live music was a pretty big part of what went on there.” And [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Harley Crain, 5,600 Harps and Counting

By Jaine Rodack ~ Like a lot of us, Harland “Harley” Crain is, by nature, a collector. What does he collect? Well, “I like wine”, he says, “so I collect wine, but I drink almost everything I collect. And I collect corkscrews and beer coasters, and have a modest collection of kaleidoscopes.” But wait, there’s more! You see, Harley [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Billy Gibson: Harmonica Player of the Month

By Jaine Rodack ~ Check out this rockin’ video! Billy’s “Mississippi Saxophone” really gets going around the 6 minute mark! Billy Gibson remembers the day he decided to become a professional musician. It was the summer he turned eighteen, and the annual Medgar Evers Homecoming was in full swing. Billy’s band had been booked for a week’s worth of [&hellip... Continue Reading »

David Barrett Harmonica Player of the Month

By Jaine Rodack ~ Our harmonica player of the month is none other than harmonica blues genius David Barrett, enjoy… It all started with Crossroads, a 1986 film with a killer soundtrack featuring— among others— the iconic sounds of Sonny Terry. While the movie didn’t exactly light up the box office, for a fourteen-year-old boy named David Barrett, it [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Aidan Hornaday Harmonica Player of the Month

By Jaine Rodack ~ The year was 2009. Aidan Hornaday’s mom had a dinner meeting at a neighborhood restaurant, and eight-year-old Aidan tagged along. But as the evening wore on, the boy got bored. Excusing himself from the table, he headed for the hallway. Setting his pint-sized fedora aside, he pulled out his harmonica—a newly acquired hand-me-down from one [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Joe Filisko: Harmonica Player of the Month

By Jaine Rodack ~ Joe Filisko literally knows the diatonic inside out. But it hasn’t always been that way. Performance, featuring Joe and Eric Noden at the IC Special, BP Club in Croatia Growing up in Chicago, Joe recalls that there was “always music floating around the house,” and picked up the guitar in his teens. Like many boys [&hellip... Continue Reading »