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Billy Gibson: Harmonica Player of the Month

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By Jaine Rodack ~ Check out this rockin’ video! Billy’s “Mississippi Saxophone” really gets going around the 6 minute mark! Billy Gibson remembers the day he decided to become a professional musician. It was the summer he turned eighteen, and the annual Medgar Evers Homecoming was in full swing. Billy’s band had been booked for a week’s worth of [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Get a Taste of This Sweet Jam (Matthew Hardin)


By JP Allen ~ This Kentucky boy knows how to bring it home, with a story behind every tune. I think you’re gonna like Hardin’s style. He says he doesn’t have much of a voice, but his words and music say it all for him. And here’s another one below. With a log cabin backdrop, and a guitar playing [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Joe Stoebenau Takes His Music to the Rails!


By admin ~ Nothin’ beats a good harmonica and guitar jam. Joe Stoebenau and his guitar-playin’ friend roll out some rail-splitting, back-trackin’, hard-hitting blues that’s bound to fire up your engine and get your heart pounding. Please let me know what you think of this video in the comments below!... Continue Reading »