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Top 5 Harmonica Effects (That You’re Probably Not Doing)

By Alex Paclin ~ 6 overblow and 7 blow simultaneously This effect provides a major second interval which sounds rough and edgy. It’s a nice expression effect. You can do a vibrato on it, you can combine it with 6/7 draw (which is the major 2nd interval also) if you play blues in second position for example. To apply [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Norton Buffalo (YouTube Video Playlist)

By JP Allen ~ The late and unbelievably great Norton Buffalo was regarded as one of the most versatile and talented harmonica players in the music business. I first saw him play in a small bar in Aspen, Colorado and it completely blew my mind. Having performed and recorded across nearly every style of music, he has been widely [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Harmonica Chords for Beginners

By Luke ~ In this lesson, I’m going to help you learn how to play harmonica chords so that you can accompany a singer or soloist, and I’m also going to show you how to play the cool chord progression riff in the song  I Want Candy. We are using a 10-hole C harmonica. This lesson assumes that [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Jason Ricci on His New Album, the New Orleans Sound and People Playing His Solos

By Justin Norton ~ Jason Ricci’s harmonica playing has been described with almost every superlative in the thesaurus. The praise is for good reason: Ricci’s playing introduced a new benchmark for blues virtuosity and encouraged a rising generation of players to pursue blinding speed, overblows and even scales and theory. Considering that, let’s start with the literal: Ricci’s new [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Slim Harpo Playlist – Get Your Swamp Blues On!

By JP Allen ~ Slim Harpo (born James Isaac Moore in Louisiana, January 11th, 1924) was a commercially successful blues vocalist and harp player, whose works have been adapted by the Rolling Stones, the Kinks, the Yardbirds, and Van Morrison. Slim was also a major proponent for swamp blues. He is described as “a people-pleasing club entertainer, [who] certainly [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Wanna come to a Harmonica Retreat in Hawaii with JP?

By JP Allen ~ YES! Because the other retreats sold out so fast, I’ll be hosting an additional 5-day harmonica retreat at my home in Kauai for beginning and intermediate-level harmonica players. I’m limiting this retreat to only 12 harmonica students so I can get to know you and personally help you with your biggest harmonica challenges... Continue Reading »

Q&A: Paul Gillings on Cultivating Passion for the Harmonica

By Justin Norton ~ Paul Gillings has been a fixture on the United Kingdom harmonica scene for decades and, thanks to the Internet, is increasingly known as a multi-instrumentalist and songwriter with a tireless work ethic. Gillings had the good fortune of having a Scoutmaster (Norman Ives) who ran a mail order harmonica business. Ives eventually started a free [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Paul Jones – Blues Playlist

By JP Allen ~ Paul Jones is an English singer, actor, harp player, radio and TV presenter. He became the frontman of the 1960s pop group Manfred Mann soon after declining an offer from the fledgling Rolling Stones. In 1979 Paul formed a new group – The Blues Band, in which he is the lead vocalist and harmonicist. The [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Harmonica Player of the Month: Sugar Blue – Exclusive Q&A

By admin ~ (Listen to some Sugar Blue while reading this exclusive interview; here’s a playlist of some of his best songs here (link opens in new window) You were born and raised in New York. What was it like to  grow up in Harlem? New York is my hometown and, like anyone’s place of birth, it is [&hellip... Continue Reading »