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Top 9 Harmonica Players Who Also Sing

By Alex Paclin ~ There are many harmonica players who are not just great at harmonica, but at singing as well. Here are probably the most outstanding musicians, who sing in genres like rock, blues, Americana and soul AND crush it at harp. Guy Forsyth Guy Forsyth is an Austin, Texas-based musician, singer, harmonica player, storyteller and songwriter. Forsyth [&hellip... Continue Reading »

8 Awesome Harp Riffs (from Popular Songs)

By Alex Paclin ~ Love Me Do Love me do is a first Beatles single, released in 1964 and peaked at number 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 in the States. Harmonica was played by John Lennon, he starts off with a simple mixolydian riff which is followed by a riff that contains unbended notes that are out of C harmonica Richter tuning, [&hellip... Continue Reading »

How to Play a 12 Bar Shuffle (Big Walter Horton Style!)

By JP Allen ~ British blues harp star Will Wilde shows you how to play a 12 bar shuffle in the style of Big Walter Horton’s “Walter’s Boogie”. (And if you’re looking for more lessons from Will check out Breakthrough Blues which includes a killer 1 hour masterclass from the main man)... Continue Reading »

All About That Bass Harmonica Cover (With Tab)

By Alex Paclin ~ This is a fun and cool song. I chose to play it in 2nd position, which requires overbends, because you’re going to play in natural major (somewhere with the b3 though). I use the wah-wah effects here, bending overbends, and doing vibrato on them, imitating vibrato on exhale, playing intervals and doing vibrato on them [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Paul Butterfield Playlist

By JP Allen ~ Paul Butterfield created a blues style that was uniquely his own, preferring single notes as opposed to chords and playing his harmonica upside down (with the low notes to the right). Check out the videos below to get your dose of legendary blues harp (If you want to know more then there’s an great Paul [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Carlos Del Junco – Live (Full Video)

By JP Allen ~ Recently Alex Paclin revealed his top 7 harmonica players. Carlos Del Junco was one of those players to make that list. If you’re still unsure why then check out this awesome video, smooth blues, all the way 🙂... Continue Reading »