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The Best Blues, Country and Rock Harmonica Players

By Kyle Vallone ~ by: Kyle Vallone

Everyone has their favorite harmonica players and trying to suggest who's the best of the best is probably venturing into dangerous territory. But we challenge you to argue with this selection of all-time greats …

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Beginners’ Guide to Playing Harmonica

By admin ~ by: Kyle Vallone

The lure of playing harmonica starts out as something of a mystery. Someone planted the seed; it germinates and eventually takes root. But in the past, it was a lot tougher to learn and pursue your passion. Now, with so many learning choices, it couldn’t be easier … ... Continue Reading »

Sounding Like a Pro — The Importance of Harmonica Lessons

By admin ~ By: Jonathan Tumalban

harmonica lessons
It’s easy to learn to play harmonica. But if you want to sound like a pro you need to learn from one. But in the age of video lessons and the Internet, you don’t need face-to-face instruction. Your professional mentor will reach you via DVDs and be online (or on the phone) to help you …

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Bending Notes on a Harmonica

By admin ~ By: Jonathan Tumalban -

Bending notes is the true essence of real Blues music. But how does bending work and, well, how do you do it? We’ll give you the skinny – and signpost some of the best examples to listen to you. Then you’re all set to develop your own distinctive style …

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Playing Harmonica with Friends

By admin ~ By Kyle Vallone -

playing with friends
There’s nothing quite like jamming harmonica with friends. It’s relaxing; it’s fun; and it helps to make you a better player. Here’s how you’ll gain confidence while enjoying the chance to try new techniques or improvise … ... Continue Reading »

Which Harmonica to Buy? The Best & Worst Harmonicas

By JP Allen ~ By J.P.Allen -

Don’t make the mistake of thinking that just about any ol’ harmonica will do for you. They may be small and fairly simple in design, but the instrument you choose to learn on and play could make a big difference to the sound of your success …... Continue Reading »