Hohner Blues Band Harmonica Review

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Hohner Blues Band Harmonica
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The Hohner Blues Band is a perfect harmonica for kids or beginners, since it costs less than $10. It's a diatonic in the key of C, which is recommended for beginners. However, this is definitely not the most dependable or consistent harmonica. So, true musicians should opt for other models. It takes a lot of air to belt out a note at a decent volume on this harmonica. It does have a screw assembly for easy adjustment, but there's no reason to replace the reeds in such an inexpensive model. It would be better to just get a new harp.


  • This is an excellent harp if you're a beginner that wants to test the waters. It's in tune and works wonderfully for simple songs and folk style harmonica. If you find you get hooked on harmonica and and you're ready to take it to the next level and start digging into some blues.... you might want to upgrade to the Lee Oskar as you master the bending technique.


  • Cardboard case is flimsy. You can just keep the harmonica in a ziplock baggie to keep it clean.

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