Rod Piazza & Mighty Flyers – Soul Monster (Full Album)

By JP Allen

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Song titles, keys, harps and positions:

  1. Soul Monster: Key of D on a C chromatic 16 hole, 3rd position
  2. Can’t Stand to See You Go: Key of F on a low F, 1st position
  3. Cheap Wine: Key of E on an A harp, 2nd position
  4. Key to the Highway: Key of G on a C harp, 2nd position
  5. Sunbird: Key of C on a low F harp, 2nd position
  6. That’s What’s Knockin’ Me Out: Key of G on an F chromatic, 3rd position and C harp, 2nd position
  7. Tell Me About it Sam: Key of E on an A harp, 2nd position
  8. Queen Bee: Key of F on a Bb harp, 2nd position
  9. Expression Session: Key of E on an A harp, 2nd position
  10. Kokomo (I Love You So): Key of G on a C harp, 2nd position and on a low F harp, 3rd position
  11. Talk to Me: Key of Bb, no harp
  12. Hey Mrs Jones: Key of G on an F chromatic, 3rd position

Rod Piazza – Soul Monster by Addendum by Michael Rubin

Rod Piazza plays with a very specific amp, the Harp King.  It produces much of that crunch tone.

This doesn’t explain his crisp clear tone.  Clarity is the number one element in Piazza’s work.  If you want to hear very on- pitch bends in holes 2 and 3, he’s the man.  

He is what might be called a lick player in that he will begin a solo on one lick and spend the rest of the solo slightly altering the same lick.

He is exceptional on harmonicas tuned an octave lower than standard harps.  

He likes to give a nod of the head to classic blues, often playing what the original player recorded and then doing his own solo next.

Lastly, he is a fantastic chromatic player. Not a lot of button pushing here, but excellent at spreading the mouth 5 holes wide and blocking 3 holes in the middle for super clean octaves!

About Rod Piazza

Learn more about Rod Piazza, click here

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Track Listings

1. Soul Monster
2. Can’t Stand to See You Go
3. Cheap Wine
4. Key To the Highway
5. Sunbird
6. That’s What’s Knockin’ Me Out
7. Tell Me About It Sam
8. Queen Bee
9. Expression Session
10. Ko Ko Ko (I Love You So)
11. Talk to Me
12. You Better Watch Yourself
13. Hey, Mrs. Jones


Rod Piazza (vocals, harp)
Henry Carvajal (vocals, guitar)
Jonny Viau (tenor saxophone)
Miss Honey (piano, bass instrument)
Dave Kida (drums, percussion).

JP Allen

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  • Tom


    Doesn’t do anything for me. Reminds me of that funky stuff from the mid 60’s. But that’s what makes the world go around…different strokes.


    • JP Allen


      I hear you Tom. Different strokes. Thanks for being honest.


  • Magno Araujo


    Where we can find the lyrics of Rod Piazza songs?


    • JP Allen


      Did you try a google search? jp


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