Harmonica Lessons

Blues Riff Lesson With Bending & Vibrato


By Eric Noden ~ Here’s a cool blues riff that will get you working on the 4 draw bend. The 4 draw bend is a very soulful sounding note and is found in a lot of classic blues songs. This riff in this lesson also includes some throat vibrato and basic chording. You’ll need to know how to play [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Harmonica Beat-Boxing With Brandon Bailey


By Hal Walker ~ It was just about this time last year that I was packing up for my first SPAH convention in Dallas, Texas. Over the course of about four days, I interviewed 16 unique harmonica players from around the world. Each interview included a lesson of the players choice. In this blog, I offer to you the [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Learn How to Play the Harmonica


By JP Allen ~ Fun Techniques for Learning to Play the Harmonica! So you want to learn how to play the harmonica? On this page I reveal the number one, easiest secret I know for learning how to play the harmonica with a rich bluesy tone and solid rhythm by getting your mouth position right! Learn the DEEP RELAXED [&hellip... Continue Reading »

The Incredible History of the Harmonica


By JP Allen ~ Tin sandwich, Mississippi saxophone, mouth organ …any name you choose… After 25 years of playing harmonica there’s still so much I want to learn and this video is a total eye opener. Sit down, relax, and enjoy the incredible history of the harmonica. Here are a few highlights if you don’t have time to watch [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Learn Blues Harmonica Riff in the Style of Billy Boy Arnold


By JP Allen ~ In this lesson you’ll learn an awesome Billy Boy Arnold harmonica riff that’s a total blues classic. If you like the blues and you’re stoked to get better at it, this lesson from Michael Rubin will take you to the next level. Please go grab your C harmonica and get ready to play along. Here’s [&hellip... Continue Reading »