Hohner Rocket Harmonica Review

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Hohner Rocket Harmonica
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Review Summary:

The Hohner Rocket is a diatonic with a unique design. It has rounded edges and sides, which are supposed to make it more comfortable to play. It also features an open channel and cover plate design, which is supposed to improve volume. Well, it is a comfortable harp to play, but not a lot more comfortable than other models in its price range. As for the volume, loud notes are fine, but it loses a little bit of tone quality when soft notes are played. So, if you're looking for a harmonica that will let you blast a loud tune, this one's for you, but you should choose a different model for softer tunes.


  • Great for playing loud tunes


  • Loses tone quality on the softer notes

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    It is loud….but not overpowering. It is easy to play…..feels a little bigger between holes. A little pricey.

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