Learn How to Play the Blues Jimmy Reed Style, with Don Wickham

By Hal Walker

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Want to get that screaming wailing harmonica blues sound? Then checkout this awesome lesson with Don Wickham:

I have to admit it. I’m a bit of a wimp when it comes to bar music at high volume levels. When the blues band gets started, I usually step outside with a harmonica in my pocket to search for a stairwell or a parking garage to blow my own blues. But on this one night in Dallas, Don Wickham stepped up to the microphone and started playing Georgia on My Mind. The sound comin’ out of those speakers touched my soul.

Don used the mic to his advantage and filled that room with energy.

I went right up to Don after his performance and asked if he would give me a lesson on playing those blow bends on the upper end of the harmonica. In our lesson, Don lays out a couple great riffs that we all need to practice. He shows us how to make that bluesy sound using the first position on the harp.

On the last night of the Dallas convention, Don and I shared an incredible, blow your lungs out, double harp jam that reminded me why I love the harmonica.

Don’s inspiration kept me up till 2:00am in the morning and I had to catch an 8:00am flight back to Ohio.

We use harmonicas in the key of A for this lesson. If the only harp you have is a C, it just might be time to expand your collection. Enjoy! Hal

P.S. Here’s some more fantastic blues from Don; a little bit of Elmore James for your pleasure:

Hal Walker

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