Nat Riddles

By mike ~ Nat Riddles (born in New York, February 4, 1952 – 11 August 1991) was known in the New York blues circles for his street performances with guitarist Charlie Hilbert in the “El Cafe Street” duo. He was a freeform poet in words and in music. He died of leukemia in 1991, and there is no [&hellip... Continue Reading »

James Harman

By mike ~ James Harman (born Leslie James Harman in Alabama on June 8, 1946) is an award-winning blues harmonica player, singer, composer, recording artist, and performance artist. He has released 31 albums, has had numerous songs featured in TV and movies, tours 28 countries yearly, and plays the blues straight up, no chaser. ... Continue Reading »

Michael Peloquin

By mike ~ Michael Peloquin, originally from Illinois, is a world-traveled and truly versatile musician who has recorded and toured with legends. In addition to his melodic, horn-inspired and rhythmic style of playing the harmonica (blues, R&B, funk, soul, country, rock, and jazz), he is an accomplished saxophonist. Michael has partnered with Harrison Harmonicas to help to develop, [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Mick Kinsella

By mike ~ Mick Kinsella, from Ireland, was a drummer for years before switching to harmonica. He is an unashamed advocate of the overblow school, with excellent control and a horn-like tone to die for. He plays both diatonic and chromatic harps in the Irish traditional styles, as well as Chicago blues and world folk. He frequently entertains [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Tom Ball

By mike ~ Tom Ball (born in California on October 24, 1951) has been recording and gigging with his friend guitarist Kenny Sultan for 35 years. They have recorded eight duo albums, as well as TV and film soundtracks and commercials, and they are frequent guests on National Public Radio. A spot-on performer, Tom has played on countless [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Chris Turner

By mike ~ Chris Turner (born in London in 1950) is a harmonica virtuoso who stretches traditional harmonica playing to the max. He plays variety of styles, including folk, rock, blues, jazz, country, and avant-garde. Based in the United States, he tours internationally, records and plays with numerous musicians, and composes and arranges for various theatrical organizations as [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Grant Dermody

By mike ~ Grant Dermody (Washington) plays and records primarily with acoustic musicians. He has a soulful tone and is passionate about old-timey roots music, though he can play the blues with the best of them. An active educator, he mentors and teaches harmonica in music camps nationwide. Always tasteful, he’s got a honey-coated style... Continue Reading »

Richard Hunter

By mike ~ Richard Hunter (Connecticut) is one of the world’s leading composers for harmonica. Besides being a session player for albums, television shows, commercial jingles, and a movie soundtrack, he authored Jazz Harp, a highly regarded harmonica method book, and hosts a great site for harp players. He is innovative in style, a smooth and thoughtful artist... Continue Reading »

Sonny Terry

By mike ~ Sonny Terry (born Saunders Terrell in Georgia on October 24, 1911 – March 11, 1986) was a blind musician known for his energetic style of blues harmonica, which included whoops and hollers. He played with the likes of Woody Guthrie, Ry Cooter, and Pete Seeger. He also played Carnegie Hall, performed in a stage musical, [&hellip... Continue Reading »

Howlin’ Wolf

By mike ~ Howlin’ Wolf (born Chester Arthur Burnett in Mississippi, June 10, 1910 – January 10, 1976) was ranked #51 on Rolling Stone’s list of the 100 Greatest Musicians of All Time. He played with Willie Dixon, Jimmie Rogers, Bo Diddley, Muddy Waters, and the Rolling Stones, but mostly he fronted his own band, playing harmonica and [&hellip... Continue Reading »